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Five dogs sitting side by side with one lying in front. Left to right golden retriever, golden retriever, springer spaniel, yellow lab, pointer. Yellow lab lying late sunset with full moon background.

Photo Gallery

Lady sitting at the desk with golden retriever puppy in the lap
A young lady in dark pink shirt and dark brown hair pulled back sitting in a chair with three-month-old yellow lab puppy in the lap
Cur dog and chocolate doodle dog lying on the side next to each other with arms crossed over each other.
Adult golden retriever laying on side with a young yellow lab puppy sitting beside
Red Merle Australian shepherd with head tilted and tongue hanging out sitting outside in the shade of an oak tree with bright blue sky in the background
Black and tan German shepherd puppy sitting with blue background head cocked looking at the camera
Close up of adult yellow lab sleeping on the floor with three-month-old cattle dog puppy sleeping draped across labs neck
Vanilla colored French bulldog sitting on a blue wooden box
Young rottweiler looking through a hole in wooden water dishes
Lady holding Shih Tzu in arms dog is kissing a woman
A group of eight dogs sitting on and surrounding Santa
Young yellow lab laying across Santa’s lap
A lady standing in the middle of a mixed group of about 15 dogs looking up at her
Yellow lab puppy looking at the camera adult dog in the background side looking at the camera with head cocked
A lady sitting on a wooden bench with nine dogs lying on the floor around her
A very young red merle Australian shepherd puppy lying in the dirt
A smiling sable sheltie standing in the grass
A white and tan English bulldog sitting lazily in the grass
An English cream golden retriever lying belly up on the floor
A blond Yorkie sitting on a brick patio looking up at the camera
A tri-colored cardigan welch corgi sitting perpendicular on a blue platform looking at the camera