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Sable Sheltie standing in grass smiling at the camera

A Dog's Life Rates

Black and white husky with tongue sticking out sitting in the shade of an oak tree with green bushes in the background


Reservations Recommended

Half Days < 5 Hours:
$15.00 Additional dog: $10.00

Full Days > 5 hours:
$25.00 Additional dog: $20.00

5 visit ½ Day Pass*(1 month expiration):
$60.00 Additional dog: $40.00

5 visit Full Day Pass*(1 month expiration):
$100.00 Additional dog: $75.00

20 Full Day Pass** (2 month expiration):
$375.00 Additional dog: $300.00

*Both the ½ Day and 5 Day passes enjoy a buy 4 visits, get 1 free discount
**The 20 Day Pass saves you $125.00 on the cost of the services purchased separately

All prices include a cash discount

Spa Services

Personalized Bath

We have several high quality shampoos to ensure that your dog gets the perfect bath, achieving the best results.

$25 small dogs 1-25 lbs
$30 medium dogs 26-50 lbs
$40 large dogs over 50 lbs
$50 large dogs/heavy coated

There will be an extra charge for matted coats

Ear Cleaning (without bath): $5

Nail Trimming

We are experts in nail trimming and this one small service is the one that will make your dog feel the best.

Did you know that toenails that are too long cause foot and leg pain that can lead to arthritis and lameness.

Daycare Client: $5.00
General Public: $10.00

Six-month-old rottweiler puppy looking mischievously through a hole in wooden water dish holder


Group Lessons: $125 (4 week session)

Our Group Lessons are for Small 5-6 dog/handler teams. Most economical option with generalized instruction in all areas and levels.

Private Lessons: $60 per hour at the Center, $80 per hour off site

Our Private Lessons are 1 on 1 individualized instruction, tailored to address the specific needs of both the dog and owner.

Semi-Private Lessons: $40 per hour at the center.

Our Semi-Private Lessons are one instructor with 2 dog and handler teams, tailored to address the specific needs of both dogs. More private than a group and more economical than a Private Lesson.

Special Lectures: $ TBA per Topic